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Sonic Scooters


A revolutionary design that creates new opportunities for cooperative and competitive scooter play. Getting on these crescent-shaped, aerodynamic boards will really excite your students! Patented “tongue & groove” interlocking channels connect boards tightly together. Simply overlap them, press down, and you’ve created a “team board” out of many separate boards. Connect 2, 6, 12, or even 20! Now communication and cooperative movement are necessary to move successfully forward, backward, sideways, or with a fixed pivot point. Sonic Scooters™ also include the innovative feature of handles that are seamlessly integrated into the board itself, as opposed to “sticking out” like traditional boards handles. The surface area between the handles is 14″ wide—the optimal width for all ages, whether 1st graders or 6th. Steel-framed ball bearing casters with easy-roll synthetic 2″ dia. rubber wheels. Sonic Scooters™ carry an unconditional 10 year guarantee. Offered individually in blue, red, and yellow; or in a set of 6 COLORZ.