About Us

Pull-Buoy, Inc. was founded in 1964 by a former college swimmer and swim coach, Fred Carbonero.

In those days, competitive swimmers only had kickboards as a training device. Fred invented a foam device to work as a drag for the legs, so that swimmers could increase the “pull” effort with their arms only; thus, the creation of the original double-cylinder floatation device which has become known worldwide as the “Pull-Buoy”. Perhaps there is no swim team around the world that doesn’t have and use Pull-Buoys.

Fred changed the focus from swimming as a result of his 25 year career as an elementary and middle school physical education teacher. During this period the Company focused on physical education-related product development, and is now the leading innovator in K through grade 8 physical skill development equipment. Professionals describe these as “gross motor skill development” products.

Alas, Pull-Buoy, Inc. no longer makes “Pull-Buoys”, but the innovation continues, as all products are original designs and emanate directly from its manufacturing facility in Sterling Heights, Michigan, or from molds created and owned in America or Asia.