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A revolutionary design that creates new opportunities for cooperative and competitive scooter play. Getting on these crescent-shaped, aerodynamic boards will really excite your students! Patented “tongue & groove” interlocking channels connect boards tightly together. Simply overlap them, press down, and you’ve created a “team board” out of many separate boards. Connect 2, 6, 12, or even 20! Now communication and cooperative movement are necessary to move successfully forward, backward, sideways, or with a fixed pivot point. NOTE: Most competing brands use plastic wheels, which are less durable, and can’t be used outdoors on asphalt or concrete. Connect-A-Scooters® are the only platforms with nylon-infused hi-impact plastic, and carry an unconditional 10 year guarantee. Offered individually in blue, red, and yellow; or in a set of 6 COLORZ.