Terms & Conditions

Minimum Order

The minimum order amount is $500.00.

Payment Terms

Payment of invoices is on a “Net 30” basis and is calculated from the invoice date. Invoices that are past due will cause open orders to be held until delinquent invoices are paid. Past due accounts are subject to 1.5% interest per month.


Hoops F.O.B. Middlefield, Ohio. All other products ship F.O.B. Sterling Heights, Michigan.

Core Pricing

An additional 5% discount is available to dealers who commit to catalog and sell certain Pull-Buoy products. For questions and details regarding the benefits and requirements of Core pricing, contact our office.

Pricing & Duration of Pricing

New Prices go into effect January 1st of each calendar year. Although prices are not unconditionally guaranteed for 12 months, Pull-Buoy, Inc. will make every attempt to hold prices and will only raise them should we incur price increases we simply cannot absorb.


All shortage claims must be made within 7 days of receipt of shipment. In claiming a shortage, a comparison must be made between the number of cartons received and the number of cartons listed on the packing slip. No shortage claim will be honored without a timely carton count comparison. Redress for shortages due to “broken” pallets must be sought with the carrier chosen by the customer, not with Pull-Buoy Inc.

Return Policy

Absolutely no return of merchandise accepted without prior written authorization. A restocking charge of 15% will apply. Possession of this list does not constitute an offer to sell.