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SkillSpot Challenge Set


Kids need to get off the ground to learn to balance! The SkillSpot™ Challenge Set provides a variable balance challenge for young users. The set starts with a 7″ diameter circle Spot and adds 1″ in diameter with each additional Spot, ending with the an oversize 12″ diameter Spot. Can the balancer move from the 12″ Spot, down to the small 7″ Spot, and then return the other way without falling off? Mix and match your sizes into different patterns, and blend in with the matching foam balance beams for an endless array of balance challenges. Constructed of no-tear, super-durable, semi-firm Dura-Tuff™ Foam for years of use indoors or out. Each circular piece is 2 1/2″ high. Each set of 6 pieces is made in 6 COLORZ.