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Multi-Dome® Agility Kit


These Kits afford dozens of agility challenges in the most compact shipping and storage space possible. Dealer margins are maximized by carefully designed boxes that allow minimum-dimension shipping. Patented Multi-Dome® Jr.’s and Activity Klips, along with new dual arch/ hoop material, make these configurations possible. Create 4”-24” adjustable height hurdles; 30” diameter hoop obstacles/targets; arches; limbo bars; and, post-makers. Crossbars are 40” L to create a wider jump area. Singe Kits include 6 Multi-Domes® Jr.’s, hoops or arches, 6 hurdles and 6 posts. Double Kits include 12 Domes, 6 hoops or arches, 6 double-configuration hurdles and 6 posts.